Pioneer Mill Restaurant built in 1822

Tough to choose my first post to kick off the Seneca Success blog, but gotta go with my gut, or rather…my stomach and talk about the Pioneer Mill Restaurant (menu here), a restaurant close to Tiffin’s downtown. Some pictures from my first visit yesterday for Rotary:

I was excited that Rotary was being held at this historic location and that I got the chance to taste the food, which was great. Had a chance to meet owner Scott Lyons, who ensured the service was exceptional. It’s nice that Tiffin has several fine dining options. Pioneer Mill is unique, though, with the island behind it on the river, where they can accommodate up to 1,000 people (up to 200 inside).

No dining establishment, though, is more historical. I enjoyed reading the following from their website

“…During the War of 1812, General James Hedges spent some time at Fort Ball, one of the string of forts built along the Sandusky River. Impressed with the area, he convinced his brother, Josiah Hedges, to visit. Josiah was also impressed – enough so that he purchased a large acreage across the river from the fort. A wealthy, energetic, shrewd and somewhat ruthless man, he immediately set forth to develop a town – a town that would be called Tiffin, after a governor he much admired.
In 1822, Josiah built a dam, a mill and a home – the first structures in Tiffin. This massive undertaking kept over 40 men busy for a year, since everything had to be done by hand and oxen power. The original dam was wood, as was the mill building. However, the basement walls were constructed of the stone quarried from the mill’s raceway. The current building was constructed on those same foundation walls after a fire in 1875 destroyed the original wooden building…
After much planning and development, The Pioneer Mill of Tiffin restaurant opened for business on October 3, 1974 and was placed on the national register of historic places in recognition of its background.”

You can view some of the original waterwheels inside as well. So, for a nicer meal in a great atmosphere, this is well worth a look (and a bite!)  It is definitely qualifies as a Seneca Success story.

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