Together We Grow – 1992 Video

I discovered this video done by SIEDC on YouTube this week (shout out to the Seneca News Daily for posting it last fall.) I thought it was worth posting because so much of it–more than 20 years later–is still accurate. There’s a tremendous amount of progress that has taken place, but the great qualities of the universities, parks, river, downtown, industry, Ritz Theatre, YMCA, Heritage Festival, and the great friendly nature of Tiffinites are still as true today as they were in 1992. In the words of my predecessor Rich Focht: “Not only is Tiffin Ohio a great place to live, but Tiffin is a great place to do business and develop new business.”

The hairstyles may be one of the things that have changed., though :)

Kudos to Rich Focht, Karen Bowers, and others in the community who did a nice job on this project.

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