21 manufacturers hiring at job fair

Last Friday, the Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services (JFS) and Ohio Means Jobs – Seneca  hosted a Manufacturing Job Event on Friday at their offices. Resumes were collected for 50+ types of open positions, ranging from ranged from physical labor and press or machine operation to office management. Mike McLane, JFS Workforce Development Administrator, and Carol Owen-Kern, JFS Business Services Consultant, were pleased with the event and will start delivering those sorted resumes to the various companies today. The economy is booming here, and we are putting in place resources to help companies continue their growth. Area manufacturers who are growing and looking to hire include:

  1. Alpha Coatings (Fostoria)
  2. American Fine Sinter (Tiffin)
  3. Ameriwood (Tiffin)
  4. Arnold Vending (Tiffin)
  5. Ballreich Bros. (Tiffin)
  6. Callie’s Performance (Fostoria)
  7. Church & Dwight (Old Fort, Fostoria)
  8. Green Bay Packaging (Fremont)
  9. Laminate Technologies (Tiffin)
  10. Machine Tool and Fab (Fostoria)
  11. Mennel Milling (Fostoria)
  12. Morgan AM & T (Fostoria)
  13. National Machinery (Tiffin)
  14. NSI Crankshaft (Fostoria)
  15. Owens Corning (Tiffin)
  16. Roppe Corporation (Fostoria)
  17. Sonoco Products (Tiffin)
  18. Taiho Corporation of America (Tiffin)
  19. Tiffin Metal Products (Tiffin)
  20. Toledo Molding & Die (Tiffin)
  21. Webster Industries (Tiffin)

For additional information about the open positions, please contact the Ohio Means Jobs – Seneca office. For information about the companies or resources for companies to assist with recruiting, please contact Carol Owen-Kern, Business Services Consultant, at 419.447.5011 x322 or by email at Carol.Owen@jfs.ohio.gov.



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