Tiffin makes list of best commuter cities

Last week, Tiffin was recognized for another aspect of its great quality of life. The Utah-based insurance company Obrella just published their list of the best commuter cities in Ohio, and Tiffin was in the top 15%, ranking 25th out of 173 communities evaluated.

In its research, Obrella looked at the traffic data from the most recent census survey in cities with a population of more than 10,000 to compile a list of the 40 best and worst commuter cities. There are 173 such cities in Ohio. The results? While the average American travels 25 miles to work each way, the average Tiffin commuter travels less than 20 miles (about a 20% time savings), and the majority of residents travel 15 minutes or less (a 40% time savings).

Add to this the fact that Tiffin also has the third highest percentage of public transit users among the cities listed. For a small community, Tiffin continues to work on its public transit to improve quality of life. SCAT, for instance, provides great, inexpensive transportation throughout Tiffin, Fostoria, and all of Seneca County.

It’s just another reason why it’s great to live, find workers, and grow a business here.

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