2020 Dream Big Tiffin Projects

Submitted Projects from 2020:

City of Tiffin Trail Connection

Improving, connecting and developing the City’s trail system as part of the Active Transportation Plan
Organization: City of Tiffin

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Transformational Life Center

Building/renovating a physical space for a comprehensive center that will provide housing, clothing, food
and services for those in need.

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Tiffin Fire Station #3

Creating a third fire station and training center in Tiffin.

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Seneca County Cares for Families Program

Brining a new set of resources (Handle with Care) for Seneca County families through trauma informed care and connection of the first responder network, as well as retaining the Seneca Mentoring Youth Links (SMYL) program.

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South River Road Trail Improvements

Beautifying and developing a recently vacated street area as a portion of a trail along the Sandusky River,
increasing safety

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Bunky Bike Tree

Constructing a sculpture of a tree made from recycled bicycle parts to honor the life and legacy of Mark “Bunky” Roehrig.

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Tiffin Community Kitchen

The kitchen will focus on connecting local growers and businesses to the community, providing opportunities for groups to cook and eat together, scheduling a diverse set of cooking classes, and giving back to the community through the preparation of food.

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South Washington Street Streetscape Extension

Continuing the streetscaping items including decorative light poles, furniture, brick and decorative traffic
poles down Washington Street towards St. Joe’s church.

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Court Street Alley Improvement Project

Transforming Court Street into a destination space similar to Cherry Alley including lighting, seating, etc.

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Salvation Army Parking Lot Repair

Repairing the parking lot at the Salvation Army facility to increase safety and accessibility for community
members in need.

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Ideas Submitted in 2020

34 ideas were submitted by community members in 2020 as part of the Dream Big, Tiffin initiative. Click here to view the PDF list or read them below.

  • If you would like to get involved with any of these ideas and help turn them into full projects, please reach out directly to Audrey at flood@tiffinseneca.org or 419-561-0244.
  • To submit additional ideas for improving the community, click here.
  1. Paint yellow stripes down the center of Clay st
    • Just paint center stripes on Clay st between Sandusky and Frost Parkway. People can’t tell we’re the center is and take up the whole road.
  2. Bus Station
    • I wish we had a bus station for those of us who do not like driving in heavy traffic, but often need to go to places like Columbus and Cleveland.
  3. Restaurants
    • IHOP and Applebee’s wound be a wonderful addition and a Kohls store
  4. Christmas lights
    • Sense of community drive thru Hedges Boyer park..use of different organizations with a theme and put a light display where cars loaded with people pay a donation to see. These donations go to the next year’s display. Hot cocoa booths etc can be available afterwards.
  5. Recycling and cigarette butt containers for downtown.
    • Currently there are only trash containers. Recycling is available and should be downtown. Hundreds upon hundreds of cigarette butts are consistently scattered everywhere.
  6. Light the bridges and color the river walls.
    • Light the arches of Tiffin’s downtown bridges on Washington Street, Perry Street, and Market Street and then add public art either on the river walls or large murals that could be hung on the river walls.  Community funding for the led lights and have both universities and the high school art departments create the murals.  The art guild could be involved.  The walls and bridges would come to life with local artistic expression and would be another reason for people to come downtown and walk along the river, observing the beautiful and thought-provoking murals instead of the plain concrete walls.  It would enhance our use of the river to promote Tiffin!
  7. East Junior High Improvements
    • The south end of the building where the was removed looks terrible and is a detriment to the building in general and to the East Green and downtown Tiffin. I suggest that someone be hired to paint a mural of that side of the building. It could be a scene of people looking out the windows with flower boxes and smiles and laundry, etc.
  8. Nature Trail Park Improments
    • There are many wonderful paved paths through Tiffin to run and bike on. I would like to see a stony or dirt path that runs parallel to this paths.
  9. Update/clarify the intersection of East  Market Street & Hunter StreetMarket
    • Been living east side of Railroad tracks 40 + years. This intersection could use some clarification as it is frequently closed off by sitting traffic waiting for trains and Hunter St. traffic can’t move eastward.  Ever think about putting a right turn lane for traffic to continue from E. Market to Hunter St….It was really nice having the alley off E. Market to get to Hunter St. but I’m sure homeowners were agitated with that alley usage. So it was made a one way only.. Understandable. I have seen traffic cross that E. Market St. Yellow line to catch Hunter St. & it being blocked by autos/ semi in the intersection.  Suggestions: right lane turn off or larger “don’t block intersection ” sign or painted road STOP HERE  when train is crossing or cut back low tree limbs that cover signs or let it go. Thank you
  10. Bike Path
    • We need a bike path that connects throughout the city and surrounding area. My family drives out of town almost every weekend to visit parks like Oak Openings, Providence Metro Park, north coast inland trail and Mohican. We know many other friends/families that do this same thing.
  11. Finish Fair Lane
    • Fair Lane gives access to the Cancer center and The Willows, but it does not run through from US 224 to Hopewell Avenue.
  12. campaign to encourage recycling
    • I would like to see residents of Seneca County take more responsibility for recycling discarded materials. Perhaps a brochure could list places that accept items for recycling or that offer products with less packaging. Make available reusable tote bags and encourage their use. Perhaps allow people to burn some of their trash.
  13. Tenants for empty homes, businesses
    • Tiffin is quick to invite companies to open a stores and restaurants here, but why not give these companies an incentive to remodel an existing structure, rather than building a new one? For example, we have new restaurant spaces near the cinemas waiting to be filled.   The same goes for houses. A number of houses on Sandusky Street, just north of Sixes Corners (and on many other streets),  have been vacant for years. Could the owners receive incentives to rent or sell their properties?
  14. Google My Business Initative
    • Develop businesses in Tiffin to stand out on Google so the Tiffin area  is the place to come in NWO for everything through outstanding reviews & photos of the area.
  15. College Campus Increased Traffic Safety
    • Additional signage and speed bumps should be added to campuses. Police officers should also hand out tickets for jaywalking students.
  16. Tiffin Cruise Night
    • A flashback in time to bring out your classic cars and cruise through the streets of Tiffin, bringing everyone together while still social distancing. I attended one of these events in another town with set hours and a set route and it went very well.
  17. Updating Zoning Requirements
    • Support a new commission comprised of realtors, insurance agents, postal workers and young professionals that can provide some updates on zoning within the city. There is a lot of neglect that is being ignored by our city leaders. Good development does not end in the downtown. 
  18. Improve view and access to River
    • It would be great to have more access to the view of the River and creeks from the streets in Tiffin, with pull-over spots for cars and some picnic tables.
  19. Math and Science Center
    • I would like to see a Math and Science Center built for area high school students to attend for half the day. Curriculum would focus on advanced mathematics, science, and computer science/technology. Students from throughout Seneca County could attend and admittance would be limited to those students who perform best in math and science.
  20. back to the 60s
    • more of a repeat of 60s living in Tiffin. Lots of diners, budget minded stores that all people can afford. Meat markets, candy shops, hardware etc.
  21. Biking and Walking Trail from Tiffin to Bloomville
    • The city of Tiffin, in concert with the Seneca County and the Village of Bloomville, should work on the easements to acquire the old PRR railroad bed that runs from Tiffin to Bloomville. The link to Tiffin will allow users to take advantage of the downtown. It should also be linked to Hedges Boyer to tie in to the great opportunities there as well
  22. Sit Down Restaurants
    • I would like to see more sit down restaurants. I love being able to go out to eat with friends and family, but we’ve been going to the same places.
  23. Westgate/Mall area development
    • effort such as has been done downtown.
  24. Park improvement
    • Update the park. Utilize the property.
  25. Transit system
    • A bus system, that runs from Heidelberg college to Walmart to cover East/West.  Have a bus running from The Avenues to The Department of Job and Family services. Just to start and test how our city would use it. Maybe add more stops/ routes as needed from public feedback.
  26. Outdoor Offices
    • Set up outdoor desks (perhaps ones that fold up like a murphy bed) and have free wi-fi access so that people can get out of their homes/offices and get fresh air while they work. I am envisioning this along the river downtown or a parking lot area that can be sectioned off for this purpose. 
  27. Speeding and Low Iq driving
    • Speeding on Melmore St between north of circular where 35mph converts to 25mph to the Jefferson St split.  North Washington from the viaduct to 6’s corners.  There are plenty of other area as well. 
  28. Pavement repairs and clean-up for alleys
    • We have many alleys in residential areas and in the business district that are dotted with potholes and lined with broken-down garages and trash. 
  29. Tiffin Art Mile
    • Public art is displayed on a rotating seasonal basis around town. These are can range from sculpture to murals and should be all outside. An art walk path can be established to take visitors and locals all over town and past local businesses in the process. It could also be tied to physical wellness as well with maybe a shorter and longer path that encourages people to get out and walk around town.
  30. Urban hiking loop trail
    • A loop trail that would connect  all the city parks and existing trails.
  31. TCS Auto/Repair Program
    • There is a need in the community to help high schoolers learn trades, such as being a mechanic in an auto repair shop.
  32. Bike Path
    • Interconnecting bike paths throughout the entire county that run into Tiffin’s downtown like you see in other downtowns.
  33. Apple jack park
    • adding more usable playground equipment
  34. Sandusky River Water Trail and Seneca County Biking Opportunities
    • I am proposing that Seneca County work on developing a water trail along the Sandusky River and safer biking opportunities through Seneca County.  Most of the surrounding counties have these types of recreational opportunities available to their residents, but Seneca County does not. Many people from Seneca County travel to the surrounding counties to take advantage of these opportunities.  While in these other counties, they spend their money on gas and food furthering those counties economies.   Seneca County needs to become a destination county instead of a drive through county on the way to those counties that offer these resources.  Seneca County is blessed with the Sandusky River.  This winding river flows through beautiful parks, farm land and urban areas before emptying in the Sandusky Bay of Lake Erie.  Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Egrets, Deer, Beaver and River Otter can be seen along its banks.  These are all awesome to see, but there is little safe access to the river to take in these wonderful sights of nature.  The current access points are often hard to access and in disrepair. The water trail would provide safer and more access points, signage, mapping and overall more safety to the river for the people who would travel to Seneca County to enjoy it.  This could be done in conjunction with Wyandot and Sandusky Counties as they both have navigable parts of the river in their counties also.  This river is unique to Northwest Ohio as well as is it provides some of the best white water kayaking in the spring and during heavy rains at the Huss Street Bridge area.  People come from all over the State to play in the “Best Wave in Ohio”, as they call it.  The kayakers put in at the Huss Street Bridge and play in the waves for hours at a time.  They then have to remove their dry suits change in their cars or the parking lot at the Junior Home park before they then drive back home.  This would be a great spot to improve the access to the river, provide some sort of shelter in which to change clothes and to have signage to show what Tiffin has to offer for an after paddle meal.  According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, a water trail is a “stretch of waterway that has been identified as a recreational resource with maps, signage, and informational resources that show official access points, amenities, and safety information. Water trails promote public use of waterways and create educational, recreational, and environmentally rewarding opportunities for paddlers and others. These trails support tourism and encourage conservation and stewardship.”  Ohio’s designated water trails currently include the Blanchard River Water Trail, Cuyahoga River Water Trail, East Sandusky Bay Water Trail, Great Miami River Water Trail, Kokosing River Water Trail, Lake Erie Islands Water Trails, Mad River Water Trail, Mahoning River Water Trail, Maumee River Water Trail, Mohican River Water Trail, Muskingum River Water Trail, Olentangy River Water Trail, Stillwater River Water Trail, Tuscarawas River Water Trail and Vermilion-Lorain Water Trail.  These water trails pass through a variety of surroundings including natural, rural, suburban, and urban areas and are destination trips for Ohio paddlers.  Seneca County would also benefit with safer biking opportunities that keep cyclist off the roads.  Such programs like a Rails-to-Trails partnership for a multi-use trail would be ideal.  Wood, Lucas, Sandusky, Huron, Lorain Counties all have these types of trail systems that draw people from all over the region to come and enjoy.  In states like Michigan, they have trail systems linking towns that people regularly commute to work on.  People will come to bike, run, walk, rollerblade and take in the natural surroundings of these trails.    Another form of biking has recently become popular with the surrounding counties jumping on board is mountain biking.  Wood, Sandusky and Lucas counties have added mountain biking facilities to their park systems.  Seneca County could do the same very easily.  Trails could be added at Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve by converting the rarely used horse trails over to mountain biking trails.  Trails could also be added easily at Steyer Nature Preserve or Howard Collier State Nature Preserve.  Sandusky, Wood and Lucas Counties have primarily built their mountain bike trail system through a volunteer partnership with the mountain biking community who donate their time to help build the trails, and their county parks departments.  The water trail and a rails-to-trails type of trail and mountain biking trails would have extra benefits to Seneca County.  They will bring in specialty stores that sell higher end kayaking and canoes and accessories, bike stores, athletic shoe stores, etc.  People will not be running to other communities to spend their money on these items.  People visiting Seneca County will be buying food and gas and in general helping the local community here.  People will also want to live close to these types of resources to enjoy them more often and the people that already live here will not be driving to other communities to enjoy these resources and spending their money there.  These projects could be funded by The Recreational Trails Program & Clean Ohio Trails Fund through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  There also appear to be other state and federal funding programs along with nonprofit organizations such as Rails-to-Trails that could that could assist in making these projects happen to benefit the people of Seneca County. 

Community Development Contact

If you’d like to get involved with Community Development in Tiffin or if you’d like to get involved with any of these projects or ideas, please reach out directly to Audrey Flood at flood@tiffinseneca.org or 419-561-0244.