Top 7 Terra State Training Resources

Workforce Development guru Carol Kern and I sat down recently with the new workforce development specialist at Terra State Community College, Holly Hoffman, to talk about the resources they have for business through Terra and their Kern Center for Workforce and Community Education. Terra’s an amazing partner and is working hard to make a difference both in the lives of students and in the success of area business.

Hoffman has been serving as the Coordinator of Community Education and brings both academic and business knowledge to the position. She received her MBA from Tiffin University and is a Bloomville native, so she understands Seneca County.

Hoffman was excited to talk about developments at Terra State and to provide an overview of some of their resources for businesses looking for trained people and to train their employees. Here are the top seven resources I took notes on. I look forward to diving into each in more detail with Holly through 2021.

  • Career Fair & Graduates – This is a great way find talent you need. On March 30, at the Student Activity Center, Terra will be hosting a dual-county job fair (Sandusky and Seneca). They usually have about 60 to 70 employers set up, but with social distancing there will be room for around 30. Historically, they will have 200-300 people visit the fair looking for career opportunities, with about 100 of them being students. Terra typically certifies or graduates 150-200 students every year. More information.
  • Resource Webinars – Another resource they provide is to serve as a Subject Matter Expert for training programs and other resources (e.g., grants). Hoffman will be on an upcoming webinar talking about the state TechCred grant (up to $2,000 per employee, up to $30k per business). We encourage everyone to reach out to Hoffman for more information. We plan on working with her to set up a quarterly resource webinar.
  • Customized Training – One of the most important things Terra does is set up customized training programs at a company’s site. They will find the instructors to teach whatever a company needs taught and make it easy for them to upgrade their skills. Find out more.
  • Industrial Certifications – Terra specializes in industrial certifications, and has been expanding them recently. Their IT, welding, and EPA certifications have been well-received and are meeting critical business needs. Find out more.
  • Assessment Testing – Terra can help you find the right assessment tool to help you evaluate, hire, train, and develop the right people for your organization. Find out more.
  • Apprenticeships – Hoffman and her colleagues at Terra State can help you set up apprenticeship programs. Kern can assist you in getting those state-certified in order to make them more attractive to employees. Find out more.
  • Standard Classes (Open Enrollment) – Employees can complete many of Terra’s standardized classes in a variety of subjects (e.g., electricity) that can help them get the skill upgrades they need.

Contact Holly for more information on these and any other resources they have:, 419.618.3291 (cell).

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