Dream Big Tiffin! 2022

The second annual Dream Big Tiffin! cycle is underway! Dream Big Tiffin is the new community development process designed to identify and develop project ideas and proposals (ideas with details about description, budget, funding, impact, etc.) so that more projects get funding and get completed in the City of Tiffin. Thank you for coming to this page to participate. Remember there are many projects that underway or outside of the process – these are additional projects for the future.

We ask you review the following new project proposals and rate them on importance. We also ask you to rate the new ideas submitted this year on importance. Projects previously submitted are also listed here for reference. (Read full ideas report.)

Two project proposals submitted for 2021 have been completed/funded:

  • Seneca County Cares for Families
  • Salvation Army Parking Lot

The process is overseen by the Tiffin-Community Development Committee (TCDC) and works hard to solicit ideas and feedback from the residents and general public. It seeks to make the “community” part of “community development” an active participant and not just a recipient.

It’s important to note that community development is not a fast-moving process. It takes time (often multiple years) to evaluate, find the funding for, and dedicate the resources and capacity to make projects happen. Just because a project is rated a “Priority” project does not mean it will happen within the next year or two. It may not happen at all. The process, though, provides valuable feedback to elected officials and other stakeholders on what the true priorities of the community are as they deliberate what actions to take. Furthermore, ideas submitted will often take even longer and will be submitted to the lead strategic organization for that activity area. The bottom line to community development is that it is a slow, gradual, and incredibly important process that does make a big difference in the life of a community.

If there are any questions, please contact David Zak, TSEP President & CEO, at zak@tiffinseneca.org or 419.912.1150.

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