Economic Development Resources – Real Estate

Do you need more, different, or a new space for your business? Are you considering renovating, constructing or purchasing a building? An expansion of a building? The purchase of a site? Are you thinking about remediating a property? Do you need infrastructure improvements to accommodate your project? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, there is likely one or more resources below that can assist you.

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Real Estate Financing

  • Financing Resources – directs to the Financing Resources page. The majority can be used for real estate.

Real Estate & Infrastructure Grants

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Tax Savings

Note: When the TSEP team assists a business obtain a resource, it is indicated by one asterisk*. If the TSEP team directly manages or administers that resource, it is marked with two asterisks**. If it is not marked, it is a business we can help connect you to.