Partnership in Development Award

Vanguard-Sentinel Career & Technology Centers receives Partnership in Development Award

TIFFIN, OHIO – March 9, 2020Vanguard-Sentinel Career & Technology Centers, opened in 1968, was recognized for their role in providing educational opportunities to youth and adults with the Partnership in Development Award by Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership during its 2020 Annual Meeting.

“Then-(Ohio Gov. Jimmy Rhodes) had this vision that if we could to bring in multiple partners together — our schools, our community members, our businesses partners — we could create a network of schools in one central location that would bring even more opportunities for students to get career training, workforce training and meet the demands of the workforce,” said Vanguard-Sentinel superintendent Greg Edinger.

The school has evolved over the past 50 years. Today, Vanguard-Sentinel serves more than 1,200 high school freshman to seniors, 700 more high schools through other satellite programs in the communities and 3,000 adult students in the Adult Technical Center.

The centers provide multiple opportunities to high school in short-term training or classes for one to four years, and offer opportunities for industry credentials for technical skill attainment, pre-apprenticeship opportunities, advanced placement in business of their choice.

Vanguard-Sentinel makes it a priroty to be involved with the community. In 2019, staff and stuents participated in 4,000 hours of community service.

“While there are always many new and exciting changes happening in the district, the one thing that has stayed constant and will not change is the importance of working hand-in-hand with our community and business and industry partners, and with that, being honored with this award just makes us all so proud here at Vanguard-Sentinel,” Edinger said.

About the Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership

Started in 1983 as the Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corp. (SIEDC), the Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to driving positive economic, downtown, and community development in Tiffin and Seneca County, Ohio, which consistently ranks among the top communities nationally for economic development. Learn more about the great things going on in Tiffin and Seneca County at

2018 SIEDC Award winners

SIEDC AwardThe SIEDC Awards are presented each year at the SIEDC Annual Meeting to recognize businesses and individuals in the Tiffin and Seneca County community. Not every award is given each year, only when the Membership & Events Committee and/or the president or chairperson deem a company or individual deserving of the particular recognition.

This year, the following seven awards were presented. Click the links below for additional information and a video about each award winner.

2018 Partnership in Development Award – Suzie Reineke and Weston Reinbolt

The 2018 Partnership in Development Award was given to Suzie Reineke and Weston Reinbolt for their downtown building restoration projects. Not only do they preserve historic buildings, but also provide opportunities for business and downtown housing.

Suzie and Weston got into historic building renovation through their connection with Bill and Dan Reineke, who were already restoring a building of their own. “These are really cool buildings,” Weston said. Suzie added, “I never knew what was inside.”

Their first project was the “Beanstalk building,” which houses the Beanstalk on the first floor and three fully renovated apartments above. Those apartments are now full

The second project was The Renaissance. In early 2017, Suzie and Weston purchased the former DP’s building and brought in Dave and Angie Spridgeon of the Bourbon Affair in Findlay. The Renaissance of Tiffin opened later in 2017.

Their latest project is the building that house the Tiffin Glass Museum. They are completing the first of two phases in renovating seven upper level apartments.

The couple cited the collaboration in the community as a motivating factor in continuing these restoration projects. “It’s a team oriented project from start to finish,” Suzie said.

Suzie and Weston were both born and raised in Tiffin, left to pursue college and careers elsewhere, and are now living in Tiffin once again. “I love being back in Tiffin,” Weston said. “We’re enjoying the momentum and hope it continues.”


About the Partnership in Development Award
This award is presented to an individual, business, organization, or political entity that has provided support and means to promote economic development throughout Seneca County and have demonstrably, through their actions, furthered the mission of SIEDC.