TSEP Connect

Updated 4/13/2022

TSEP Connect is our intentional effort to help people get to know the Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership better – who we are, what we do, and what opportunities there are to get involved. This is done primarily through live events, online, and publications. Contact Corrina Haynes, Operations Manager, with any questions (419.447.3831, haynes@tiffinseneca.org).


TSEP puts on formal events as well as informal meet and greets in order to build relationships and understanding about TSEP and the great things going on in Tiffin and rural Seneca County. They are open to the public, but we do not cover registration, food, or drinks cost.

  • In-Person Events
    • Downtown Celebration: This is our annual, open-to-the-public gathering with drinks, hors-d’oeuvres, speakers and awards to celebrate Downtown Tiffin. It will be held this year on September 8, 2022.
  • Other Events: Throughout the year, we’ll seek to attend other public events where people can connect with us, too. We’ll put those here.

TSEP Online

There are many ways to connect with and get to know the Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership (TSEP) and its team online. We typically push out 100 media releases, 200 stories, and thousands of social media posts a year on websites and social media.

TSEP Publications

TSEP writes, publishes and makes available a variety of reports, plans, studies, and newsletters. Below are some of the more recent ones available to the general public.