Why join TSEP? – Reason 1: Purpose

Today, people expect more than just a paycheck from their employers – they want to work for organizations that have clearly-defined purposes and to find meaning in the work they do. In this TSEP excels particularly well through our mission, and TSEP provides that in spades.

Mission: We work to make a difference in people’s lives.

We are an environment where a person can make a difference and see the impact of their work on the community, which is immensely satisfying. TSEP is a non-profit that focuses on improving the economy and quality of life for 50,000 people. We like to say there are three kinds of non-profits: those that give people fish, those that teach people to fish, and those that stock the pond. TSEP stocks the pond, fuels the economy, and helps drive growth and prosperity for its residents, workers, and businesses.

Our purpose is to promote economic and community development in Tiffin and rural Seneca County. Our mission is to facilitate development projects. Our vision is to create a Growing, Livable, Attractive, Supportive, and Strong Community.

The work we do has cut poverty and unemployment, stopped the population decline, created thousands of jobs, improved quality of life, and helped generate millions of dollars that fund public services. People who work for TSEP want to spend their time at work making a positive, lasting impact in their community and world around them. Read TSEP alumni Nick Dutro and Audrey Flood describe what this is like.

One employee wrote in our most recent team survey, “Ultimately, the company continues to be a force for greatness in our community.” And another this: “I love the level of community involvement and connectedness to other organizations.”

Impact: We are recognized for what we do.

We create an environment where people can be a part of an organization that is one of the best at what it does. We find that being part of a winning and championship team doing meaningful work is fun, rewarding, and deeply satisfying. TSEP embraces the spirit of competition and enjoys measuring itself against other great communities in Ohio and the United States. We do it, not because there’s a gold medal or monetary prize, but because we take pride in our work and want to count ourselves among the best in the state and nation, and because our work has major impacts on our economy and quality of life.

Here’s some of our economic development rankings, awards and results:

  • Site Selection Magazine (national ranking of economic development)
    • 2021 – #4 in the country (top 1%) (Read more.)
    • 2020 – #6 in the country (top 1%)
    • 2019 – #14 in the country (top 2%)
    • 2018 – #10 in the country (top 2%)
    • 2017 – #10 in the country (top 2%)
  • OEDA Economic Development Innovation Award (2021) (Read more.)
  • Investment (2014-2021): $508 million.
  • Jobs Created: 2,300.

Here’s some of our downtown accolades and results:

  • Heritage Ohio (state) Awards
    • 2021 – Business of the Year (Read more.)
    • 2020 – Placemaking, Historic Farmstead
    • 2019 – Historic Theater, Best Upper Floor Renovation, Business of the Year (Hon. Mention)
    • 2018 – Director of the Year, Young Preservationists, Public-Private Partnership
    • 2017 – Community Project
  • National Main Street accreditation: 2017-present (6 years in a row). (Read more.)
  • State Main Street certification: 2016-present (7 years in a row).
  • Investment (2014-21): $37 million.
  • Net, new businesses (2014-21): 56.