Why join TSEP? – Reason 3: Flexibility

Quality of Life: We offer flexibility.

We want our people to work hard, but we believe there is more to life than work – our commitment to and enjoyment of friends, family, as well as our own personal health, growth, and journey. Work needs to support each team member’s life goals and aspirations, to provide work-life balance.

Here are some of the flexibility benefits we offer:

  • Flex Time: TSEP members can choose when to start and when to end their day (shift flexibility), when to take lunch (mealtime flex) and how long to take it. We can run personal errands in the day if we need to, take their kids or pets or friends to the doctor, get the car fixed, take a long lunch, etc. We all log our time, so there is a lot of flexibility to how we structure the day.
  • Comp Time: Because we log time, if we work longer on a particular day or the weekend, we work less or take off early on another. Again, the time logging on the honor system allows us to work when we can and have some time when we need or want it.
  • Flex Hours: An employee can choose to work a 32, 36 or 40 hour week, depending on their desired schedule. They can also choose to work a 40 hour week within four days or four and a half days (compressed workweek).
  • Remote Work: We offer an optional remote work day once weekly, as desired, plus additional time if needed for personal emergencies (kids or pets are sick).
  • Paid Time Off: We do not differentiate between sick and vacation time. We get one week of paid time off (40 hours) for the first year of employment, two weeks for the second, and three weeks starting with the third year.
  • Flex Holiday: We offer 9 set holidays, but we offer one paid holiday of the employee’s choice.
  • Office Closure: We traditionally close between Dec. 25 and January 1, providing another five days of paid-time off that do not require use of paid time off.
  • Casual Friday: We offer casual dress Fridays.

Pay & Benefits: We work hard to be competitive.

  • Salaries: We offer competitive salaries for organizations of our type. We are committed to pay equity and are intentional about ensuring that pay, pay increases, and bonuses are given purely on the basis of merit, performance, and responsibility.
  • Raises (Pay Adjustments): Although annual raises are not guaranteed, we have given every employee an annual raise since 2014. The amount of the raise is based on performance, position, promotion, cost of living and availability of funds.
  • Bonuses: As with raises, bonuses are not guaranteed but have been provided every year to every employee since 2014. The amount of the bonus is based on performance.
  • Career Progression: In response to team feedback a few year’s back, we created an internal career progression model, so that there was a clear way for employees to progress their career. Entry level is Specialist, Coordinator, followed by Manager, then Director, and finally Vice President.
  • Health Insurance: We offer multiple plans, paying 60 percent of the premiums, regardless if it is a single or family plan. We also offer optional vision and dental coverage.
  • Retirement: We offer a SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) IRA Plan, matching an employee’s tax-free retirement contributions up to 3 percent. We also provide free financial planning services for that plan through Financial Design of Ohio.
  • Cell Phone: In addition to offering standard business expense and mileage reimbursement (each employee gets a company credit card), we also reimburse up to $60 of the employee’s monthly personal cell phone bill if it is also used for work. We will also purchase a cell phone for the employee if so desired.
  • Location: We recently purchased the historic 1881 Grummel-Remmele Block building in heart of award-winning Downtown Tiffin, right in the heart of the downtown historic district. Several restaurants and retail shops, city and county government offices, and the National Corner park and Frost-Kalnow Amphitheatre at the East Green are within easy walking distance. Read more.
  • Brand Clothing Allowance: We provide up to $100 annually to each team member to spend on branded clothing of their choice.
  • Team Perks: We hand-deliver weekly to each employee their coffee, tea, or chai beverage of choice from our from local roaster and coffee shop (Bailiwicks Coffee Company). We also occasionally go out for team lunches at local restaurants.