Why join TSEP? – Reason 4: Growth Opportunities

People who work for TSEP are presented with exciting career opportunities both inside and outside the organization because team members benefit from our extensive network, exceptional reputation, and the high profile nature of our work. At TSEP, we want our people to stay for as long as it is the best decision for them.

Progression: We have a career path.

Of course, we would love to retain the great people that choose to work with us for as long as we can, but we also know that we do a great job of developing people and those people get to do high-profile, high-impact work which will get to witness and experience their talent.

In our most recent team survey, someone wrote, “If you are a self-starter and can work independently, there is a lot of opportunities for personal development. Ultimately, the company continues to be a force for greatness in our community.”

Internally, we work to make sure that if a person wants to stay, they can. We offer the following position progression:

  • Specialist: Specialists generally have no direct experience, skill, or education but will have some other experience or education that helps prepare them to join TSEP. Specialists are learning from the job from the ground up, piece by piece, and need substantial direct supervision, support, and coaching.
  • Coordinator: Coordinators typically have no direct experience or skill, but they do possess relevant experience and/or education, which will allow them to learn quickly on the job. Coordinators can perform the functions of the job with some direct supervision, support, and coaching.
  • Manager: Managers either have direct experience and skill, and/or they have a substantial amount of relevant experience and/or education that will allow them to “hit the ground running.” Managers can function relatively independently without supervision and perform the job with skill. Managers need less direct support and training and know when to ask for help.
  • Director: Directors perform the consistently at a high level and have years of successful experience in it. Directors not only manage their area, they lead it, managing strategy, volunteers, committees, budgets, personal conflicts, and other operational and relationship matters. Directors often have certifications, awards, and serve in their professional associations.
  • Vice President: Vice Presidents are the highest employee position at TSEP, serving not only as a master of their activity area(s) but also as the right hand colleague of the President & CEO, assisting in training and development of other staff, assisting in operational matters for and representing the organization as a whole (in place of the President & CEO), and helping lead strategy and vision development, management, and implementation for both their area and the organization as a whole.

Additionally, internal candidates are often considered first for new opportunities within the organization in other development areas.

Alumni: We get recruited.

We embrace the fact that talented people will be recruited. The people who have left us to go on to other opportunities (our alumni) are now all leaders and managers in business, government, and non-profit work. They include:

Bryce Riggs is the current Executive Director of the Seneca Regional Chamber & Destination Seneca County. Bryce joined us as a Development Specialist after graduating from Heidelberg University with a degree in business. He was promoted to Development Coordinator and then to Development Manager before he left us to become Associate Director of Development at Tiffin University and a couple of years later became the leader of now the second largest chamber in northwest Ohio. LinkedIn Profile.

Nick Dutro is the new Director of Communications and Constituent Services for the City of Tiffin. Nick came to us after 9 years with the local Advertiser-Tribune wanting to help make the things happen he had been sharing stories about in the local paper for years. He was hired as a Development Manager and became our Economic Development Manager, responsible for all Industrial, Commercial and Residential Development. LinkedIn Profile.

Chandler Grooms came to us after three years working for the Ohio-West Virginia Youth Leadership Association to serve as the first Workforce Development Manager running our Northwest Career Ready initiative. After only a few months, Chandler was recruited to become the new Pike County (Ohio) Tourism Director, something he just couldn’t turn down. LinkedIn Profile.

Audrey Flood is the new Key Accounts Manager and Economic Development Specialist for North Central Electric. Audrey came to us as a student who was finishing her MPA at the Ohio State University and working part-time for the Tiffin Community Foundation. We hired her in February 2018, and she worked part-time remotely until after graduation, starting full-time in June. She served as an Economic Development Manager, handling Community, Entrepreneurship, and Rural Development before being recruited by North Central Electric. LinkedIn Profile.

Katie Lang serves as the Donor Communications and Education Fund Coordinator at Playhouse Square in Cleveland. Katie joined TSEP as an Executive Assistant and Communications Specialist a few years after graduating with a degree in journalism from Ohio University. She was promoted to Communications Coordinator within a year and then to Communications Manager two years after that. She left to pursue a career in real estate, which she continues to this day, while working full-time for Playhouse Square. LinkedIn Profile.