Tiffin’s Façade Enhancement Program has supported 100 projects

Updated October 6, 2021

The City of Tiffin has funded a Façade Enhancement Grant program to preserve the rich history we have in Downtown Tiffin. Since the fall of 2014, the program has been in place to help building owners with the cost of maintaining their buildings and restoring Tiffin’s historic downtown. There have been 100 City of Tiffin-funded façade projects and 10 CDBG projects that ran through the City, bringing the community to a total of 110 total façade projects approved. The City invested $697,000 since 2014 and there has been $2.5 million of private investment (including CDBG projects) as a direct result to date, for a combined total investment of nearly $3.1 million. 

Additionally there were three Façade Enhancement Grant projects that were funded by Heritage Ohio for a total investment of an additional $350,500 in 2020.

The following buildings were renovated as a result of this program. Find out more about each project below (click on the links):









CDBG (2016-2018)

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