Dream Big, Tiffin!

Projects can be submitted via the submission form here:

“Dream Big, Tiffin!” is the annual community engagement and project prioritization process for the city of Tiffin, Ohio. The initiative is administered by the Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership (TSEP), and is overseen by the Tiffin Community Development Committee (TCDC). TCDC is a volunteer committee made up of almost 30 business and community leaders chaired by Tiffin Community Foundation Executive Director Jodie Reinbolt and vice chaired by Mercy Health Foundation’s Director of Annual Programs Bernie Steinmetz.

Whereas economic development is focused on private companies making investments and creating jobs, community development is focused on public facilities and services. Things like parks, trails, schools, neighborhoods, culture, housing, food security, safety services, and much more are all considered community development. Although Dream Big, Tiffin! does not have dedicated funding itself, it identifies and prioritizes projects for funding and is used by foundations and public officials to assist in funding decisions.

Two Kinds of Submissions

People and organizations may submit project proposals or project ideas through the DBT portal/links. Project proposals function like “business plans” for community development projects, with detailed information about budget and funding, impact, and maintenance and sustainability. Project ideas are just that – ideas anyone can submit about how to make the community a better place.

Project Categories

Once received, each project will be vetted and evaluated by three specialty subcommittees or “panels,” and placed into one of three categories:

  • Priority: These are projects that are ready to go, have good cost estimates and often have some funding already identified, have planned for ongoing maintenance or operational needs, and have strong community support.
  • Recommended: These are projects that may have just as much impact as the priority projects, but they are not as mature and ready to go. They may have undefined up-front and/or ongoing costs, incomplete plans, no funding sources identified, and/or no clear project champion. They need more work to move into the priority category.
  • Reviewed: These are projects that have major questions that need to be addressed before they can be recommended. For example, they could have major unanswered questions about feasibility, or community need, impact, or support.

The three panels are “Quality of Life,” “Healthcare & Social Services,” and “Education & Training.”

2020 Dream Big Tiffin Results

To review the 2020 projects and process you can view the following:

Questions and interest about submissions can be directed to TSEP’s Community Development Manager, Audrey Flood at flood@tiffinseneca.org or 419-561-0244.